Our goals are simple: 

  • To offer you a wonderful building experience.  

  • Paying attention to the details we can help you obtain the house you have always dreamed of. 

  • Building from our reputation.  We want our work to speak for itself.  So each customer spreads the word from one to the next.


Our focus is custom homes, Large remodels, And Commercial Projects

Email Us: info@solidrockbuilders.com




phone:   828-551-4274

email:     mario@solidrockbuilders.com

Mario grew up in construction gaining an extensive knowledge being taught in large part by his father.    He is a licensed electrician specializing in electrical design, bringing about the perfect lighting for your space.     



phone:   828-712-3280

email:     travis@solidrockbuilders.com

Travis started in construction as a trim and finish carpenter he has developed an eye for detail.  While working for general contractors he has become experienced in all aspects of construction, from footers to punch out.  As a job foreman he learned to manage sub-contractors, which ultimately led to becoming a general contractor himself.


They hope their years of experience can help you live in and enjoy the house you have always wanted.